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Officials are important to announce:

Best.bi will be on line currency trading, and support the USDT/CNYT/BTB three major trading queue, everyone can participate in the transaction, and cancel the C2C transaction BTB advertising release threshold

BTB adds candy box attributes. All currency currency currencies will give users who hold BTB free credit for free candy credits.

real-time user statistics

Breakthrough in Number of Registered Users of Best.Bi Global Blockchain Assets Trading Platform 35 Ten thousand

Best.Bi is a digital asset trading platform in which the world's first family members hold shares and share dividends. They hold a token BTB to hold dividends, and Best.Bi has launched an OTC off-site (c2c) transaction beta, which is gradually opened as planned. Currency trading

Best.Bi is committed to people's safe, reliable, and convenient access to and trading of digital assets. Enjoy the blockchain industry growth bonus. Now register 2500BTBpoint (through real-name authentication activation incentives), invite friends to join the rewards

Global real-time prices

BTC 46941.409125 46787.85 46904.560125 46944.56010375
ETH 3503.7754875 3461.211 3483.7875 3492.10382625
EOS 78.888 77.25315 -- 77.85
BTM 4.0803066375 -- -- 4.0676625

Break the trading barrier and establish a fast channel for integrity transactions

OTC is no longer complicated

Senior blockchain players take you in the way that best understands you

Smooth and fast transaction process

Trader screening mechanism to make transactions faster and more efficient

Platform safeguards the interests of both parties

Third-party credit platform to ensure the safety of both parties' digital currencies